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I choose:

burnout prevention for mental health and addictions workers

Here are three things you can do to take action:

  • Ask your candidate on Facebook or Twitter: “How is your party protecting community mental health and addictions workers from burnout so that I can get the best care possible?”


At CMHA branches throughout Ontario more than 4,500 dedicated employees have been working tirelessly throughout the pandemic to ensure Ontarians get the mental health and addictions care they’ve needed.

But ask anyone who works in the community-based mental health and addictions system and they’ll tell you about the exhaustion, emotional fatigue and stress that they and their colleagues are experiencing.

Sadly, community-based workers are leaving for other health-related jobs that are better resourced and provide significantly higher pay. 

“Aside from providing high quality care, staff recruitment and retention is now the significant issue for community service providers,” said Camille Quenneville, CEO, CMHA Ontario. “We need a dedicated workforce to ensure that all Ontarians are receiving the mental health and addictions supports that they deserve.”

Without a significant operational funding boost, the human resources crisis that’s crippling the community mental health and addictions sector will only get worse.

This is the plight that CMHA Ontario wishes to highlight with the launch of a new advocacy project for the June 2nd provincial election.

CMHA Ontario’s “I choose” campaign will use the next six weeks to spotlight different issues that are having a negative impact on how people access care in this province.

When heading to the ballot box, we hope you will support the political party that prioritizes mental health and addictions care.

Read CMHA Ontario’s news release to launch the “I choose” campaign.