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support for mental health and addiction care

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  • Ask your MPP on Facebook or Twitter: “What is your plan to recruit and retain mental health and addictions workers who are second only to nurses for reporting burnout during the pandemic?
At CMHA branches throughout Ontario, more than 5,000 dedicated employees work tirelessly to ensure Ontarians get the care they need. However, the strain of the pandemic and increased demand for service from the public has taken a toll.
Just like nurses, personal support workers and others hard hit by the pandemic, CMHA staff across Ontario are experiencing emotional exhaustion, burnout and fatigue.
“Aside from providing quality care, staff recruitment and retention is currently the significant issue for us,” said Camille Quenneville, CEO, CMHA Ontario. “We need a dedicated workforce to ensure that all Ontarians who need mental health and addiction support will receive it.”
Without a significant funding boost, the human resources crisis that’s crippling the community mental health and addictions sector will only get worse.

If you have concerns about addiction, mental health or gambling addiction and are seeking treatment or information, contact ConnexOntario (Ontario’s treatment and information directory of services for mental health, addiction as well as other concerns).